if you don't like avocados, then you don't like life.

oh hayyyyyy. December 30, 2009

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Self, it is high time you started a blog, I thought to myself this morning.  Maybe you should do something productive with your time, like entertain yourself and your friends, although who knows if anyone besides me will actually read this. 

Ok that’s not really how I decided to start this blog.  My friend Emily told me to.  She’s starting one here:


So out of boredom I decided that I would also start one.  We are sure that Oprah will pick up our blogs and then publish our first novels.  This is what Emily tells me.  I hate Oprah though.

But I *love* avocados. 

Avocados are like little green buttery delicious nuggets of life.  Last week, I found one in my purse by accident.  I don’t even think I put it there.  I’m pretty sure it magically materialized in there due to some subconscious longing of mine for what is obviously the best fruit ever.  Yes, they are fruits.  GET IT RIGHT OK GAH.


One Response to “oh hayyyyyy.”

  1. You HATE Oprah?? Girl we got some ommunicatin’ to do.

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