if you don't like avocados, then you don't like life.

too much cleaning and not enough living. February 9, 2010

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I had to take a break from cleaning.  I find that my stupid apartment needs cleaning pretty much all the time.  I don’t know why I can’t keep it clean.  I DON’T KNOW OK.  There’s always like, some nasty thing in the sink, or my cats have sprayed their litter all over the bathroom floor, or there is a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor.  At least one of these things is true all the time.

I was going to come home and do yoga today but I get home and OH HAY my apartment is disgusting.  Which means I feel disgusting.  Which means I didn’t do yoga.  Instead, I cleaned, and had a drink.  It was delicious, if anyone’s interested.

Going to the studio this weekend and hopefully we will have tracks for at least 2 demos by Sunday night.


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