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Crackhead dreams in which I rant about fountain-jumping and the TV show Friends March 29, 2010

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Yeah well I don’t really know what it’s like to be a crackhead, but I imagine if I was one, I’d have the kind of dream from which I woke up this morning.

I woke up thoroughly convinced that I HAD to write a blog post ranting about how people who are over the age of 22 should NOT be jumping in fountains.  I mean I was seriously angry about this very important issue.  I vaguely remember from my dream that there were some people splashing around in fountains like in that movie La Dolce Vita and in the intro to Friends, and it made me MAD.  I yelled something in the dream like YOU SHOULDN’T BE JUMPING AROUND IN FOUNTAINS LIKE SOME IDIOT COLLEGE KID, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DID YOU NOT GET ENOUGH ATTENTION WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER?!?!?!

It’s funny because jumping around in a fountain is a) something I have done (in college) and b) would still do if I had a little too much to drink and it was at least 74 degrees outside (I don’t like to be cold).  It sounds pretty fun to me when I’m awake and not pissed off at people I don’t know, and I am not sure why dream me would be so angry that she needed to blog about it.  However, I don’t condone the intro to Friends.  Let’s not get crazy here.

Oh look everyone, I’m fooling around in a fountain with my clothes on!  I’m quirky and weird and this is a sitcom about 20 somethings living in New York in the 90’s!  Look how funny and approachable we are, we’re just like you!  Except renting this New York apartment would cost about ten times what you make in a year, and we’ve all had nose jobs and drug problems and you, the average American, probably haven’t!  Or maybe you have!  Why am I only typing in exclamatory phrases!  Rahhhhhhhh!

I guess this blog post did end up being a rant about fountain-jumping, didn’t it?


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