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Waffle Day 2010. March 29, 2010

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First off, I have to tell you that I just peed twice in 10 minutes. Not only do I have the smallest bladder of anyone I know, my drinking habits are similar to other people’s breathing habits. If I don’t drink things on a pretty constant basis, I start to feel like a prune or a dried apricot or one of those pieces of petrified poop that I found behind one of my plants the other day when I moved it because Buckley is really fond of pooping in all the plants and misses sometimes. This doesn’t make me happy to find poop in or around my plants, but there’s really nothing I can do because Buckley does what she wants and doesn’t give a damn what I think about it. The other day I even saw her scooting her butt across the carpet like dogs do sometimes. She is poop-obsessed and it. is. gross.

she's thinking about where she's going to take her next dump. sneaky kitten.

Secondly, I like to append “2010” onto the end of events to make them seem more important. For example, this weekend Riley and I had Waffle Day 2010, wherein we (by we I mean Riley) made a bunch of delicious waffles and then we ate them and drank 5 bajillion cups of coffee and ate about a pound of bacon and then fell asleep for a whole three hours like five-year-olds. I guess it was the enormous amounts of syrup that did us in.

The good news is, after Saturday’s Sleepfest 2010 (you see what I did there?), Riley and I got a lot of work done on some songs and things seem to be coming together as far as the bandy band goes. This is usually the time of year I start to get really clogged up in the sinus department and can’t breathe much less sing, but miraculously, I’ve managed to avoid that so far this year. The rock gods must be smiling upon me, or at least yelling good-natured obscenities in my direction. ¬†Maybe they’re even waving the finger at me…if I’m lucky.

I have to pee again. It’s like this is Peefest 2010 but that already happened back in January, duh. You can’t have two events in the same year with the same name. Don’t you know ANYTHING?

yayyyyy i pooped in another plant yayyyyyy i will never use your stupid litterbox ever yayyyyy


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