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meatloaf makes me weepy. May 3, 2010

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There’s shame, and then there’s SHAME.

Once during that time of the month, I cried at this:

I remember laughing at myself afterwards. I was like, oh, self, you so cray cray. I can’t believe you just cried over It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, even if it wasn’t the Celine Dion version which does not rock at all but was instead the Meatloaf version who we all know you love although it’s a bit shameful to love him due to the whole melodramatic theatrical rock opera thing (YES I LOVE ROCK OPERAS THERE I SAID IT DON’T JUDGE ME OR I WILL KILL YOU IN THE FACE).

But I’ve always thought Meatloaf had it right.  Two out of three AIN’T bad.  DANG.  Tell me that isn’t true.

The next second after I had recovered from CryFest 2006, a Nationwide insurance commercial came on where someone’s home had been destroyed by a hurricane.

Yes, I cried again. I’m pretty sure I lost at the two out of three game.  Sometimes I hate being a woman.

That was going to be the end of this post BUT:

GOD SERIOUSLY I JUST WATCHED THAT VIDEO ON THE BLOG TO MAKE SURE IT WORKED (it doesn’t, go to YouTube and watch it) AND I GOT A TINY BABY BIT WEEPY AGAIN WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.  It was only one tear, I swear.  Like one single tear, rolling down my face in a really melodramatic way that would make Meatloaf proud.  Maybe one day he will read this and we will watch It’s All Coming Back to Me Now and cry together at how sad it is that he lost Marion Raven to a car crash because she is so young and beautiful and Norwegian and her last name is Raven which is really cool I bet she made it up (Raven doesn’t seem Norwegian at all) but that doesn’t detract from the coolness and she died so young and that makes it really sad cause it’s sadder when pretty people die young.  Like Kurt Cobain.

Maybe dirty. Still pretty.

One word, Kurt: why?


One Response to “meatloaf makes me weepy.”

  1. Counter Culture Clown Says:

    That song was originally written for Meatloaf… I shouldn’t know that, but I do.

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