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Jobs, moneys, sickies, pajamas, and dead zebras. May 19, 2010

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So I know I haven’t updated in a while, but I have reasons I swear it to you on pains of death and beheading.

My reasons are these, in chronological order:

1. I got a part-time job as a freelance copyeditor for an online website.  This is good for me because of a. experience and b. MONEYYYYYYYY.  It’s not hard and doesn’t take long and pays well…no more hooking!  Just kidding, I only do that when I’m otherwise unemployed.

Seriously when I get money I look at it just like this. 27 years of broke and money doesn't make sense anymore.

2. I got sick…AGAIN.  This time it was even worse than when I got sick a month ago, and I was dragging myself around my apartment for a week, wailing and sneezing and coughing up things that shouldn’t be mentioned on a blog or ever.  On top of not being able to breathe, my stomach decided it didn’t want to digest anything ever again, so every time I ate even the tiniest piece of food, I was in pain for roughly four hours.  At some point I decided that eating was just not worth it.  I’m on the upside of both of these afflictions now, but I think I’m addicted to Afrin and Sudafed, so that’s unfortunate.

3. Ok get ready cause this is the big one: I GOT A NEW JOB!  I interviewed for a job at a company that does editing and actually GOT IT.  I am still in disbelief.  I did my interview all sicky mcsickerson with snot and Afrin running out of my nose that was scabby from blowing it too many times and they still called me back only four hours later to offer me the job.  This, after graduating with a M.A. in 2006 and still only being able to land numerous shit jobs that paid nothing and were the least stimulating things that you could possibly imagine on the planet, after having been laid off not once but THREE times in one year, and then after working as a receptionist for a year and a half and being promised a promotion for nine months that never showed up…I am just about to explode into a bajillion avocado pieces from happiness.  The best thing is that I’ll be working from home so yayayayayayay for that.  No more real clothes ever again!  My wardrobe from now on will consist entirely of pajamas and that is the TRUTH.

I was thinking of getting these with my newfound moneys and I am sorry in advance to my boyfriend.

Insert token Snuggie joke here. What? If you have a blog you have to make fun of Snuggies...it's a rule. Secretly I want one and I'm hoping that maybe Riley will get me one for my birthday which is only a month and a half away. Also a massage would be nice or some lovely jewels ilikenecklacesbestandanicecreamcakechocolateplease. I'm hoping that wasn't too obvious, I put it in the caption so it would be sneakier.

So as you can see, I have reasons- three of them- for not updating until now.  And I plan on being a lot better about writing from now on because well, I really like blogging.

Here’s a picture of a dead zebra to make your Wednesday a little brighter! 

Happy Wednesday!



4 Responses to “Jobs, moneys, sickies, pajamas, and dead zebras.”

  1. kristen g. Says:

    Sinclair!! congrats on the new job! that is awesome news. and i’m so excited i found your blog!

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