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I no longer take showers. Also, I have a band. September 24, 2010

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Oh hay freends.  I know it’s been too long, but damn I’ve been busy.  I’ve been doing things like THIS.

we fight crime on the side.

Which is to say, go look at my band’s myspace because we’ve been laboring our well-defined asses off (ok they are not really that well-defined, we drink a lot of beer and eat cake and hots dogs sometimes) to get this thing off the ground so that we can actually be a real band that exists in the interwebs and not just in our attic!!!  Yayyyyyy!!!!!  And also our first show is this Sunday at the Carrboro Music Incestival…I mean Festival.  Incest is gross.  Ew.  2:00 in front of the Music Loft.  Be there or be a bobo lame-o.
Also here is another thing.  SOMETIMES I FORGET TO TAKE A SHOWER FOR LIKE 3 DAYS.  THAT IS THE TRUTH IT IS NOT A LIE.  Since the whole working-at-home thing started, I get up in the morning, I do work, I go to yoga or run, I work more, I eat, I pet the cats and then scream at them for doing something bad, I watch like maybe one second of a movie, I eat something else, I work more, then I go to bed.  And sometimes…I forget to take a shower that day.  And I’m like, OH IT’S FINE.  IT’S NOT LIKE I HAVE TO SEE ANYONE EXCEPT THE BOYFRIEND AND THE CATS.  And then…THEN.  This is where it gets tricky.  The next day I’m like…get up, do work, yoga/run, eat, yell at cats, eat, work, movie…wait, did I take a shower yesterday?  Yeah.  Of course I did.  Of course I took a shower.  I don’t smell.  I mean…I ran today, but I don’t smell.  Like…I kind of do in a way that people do if they are paranoid about if they smell.  But not really.  And THEN the next day comes.  And shower time feels like it was way in the past, and that it shouldn’t really be a part of my life anymore.  Until the boyfriend says that really, it should because my hair is clumping together from the grease and food crumbs that have gathered in it.  I have progressed right through dirty hippie status to dirty hermit.
I promise if you come to my show on Sunday, I will shower beforehand and be clean and sparkly for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Amen.

One Response to “I no longer take showers. Also, I have a band.”

  1. i was wondering what that smell was that was wafting through carrboro. glad you will be showering before the incest fest. i have to work a night shift saturday night, but if i’m awake, i’ll come check out your new band sunday at 2.

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